There’s no denying that some of Lisbon’s best restaurants are now some of the most talked about in Europe. Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the city was opening new establishments – Prado opened in late 2017 and 100 Manieras in 2019 – but Covid slowed the growth of many restaurants. Nearly three years later, the recovery is back on track, and 2022 has made more progress than ever in cementing the city as a culinary hotspot, thanks to new crowds once again flooding the cobblestone streets. The good news is that the pace of opening isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

So, where should you eat in Lisbon? Before my first visit to the city, I knew very little about Portuguese cuisine (other than pastel de natas, of course) – but now, having had the privilege of delving into the city and learning about its traditions, I’m a keen champion of everything on offer, whether it’s traditional dishes or new ones. Most people visiting Lisbon want to try some form of traditional food at one of the city’s tascas – the typical casual restaurant serving very local dishes like bacalhau (salted cod) and prego or bifana (beef or pork sandwiches). Those who are more familiar with the city or want to experience everything on offer may prefer one of the many modern or Michelin-starred restaurants on offer.

Like the city itself, Lisbon’s food scene is diverse and exciting – you can go from sipping ginjinha (cherry liqueur) with the locals to tasting wine on the tasting menu in 24 hours. Whatever you’re looking for, these are the Lisbon restaurants I’ve personally tried and would recommend to anyone visiting the city (in no particular order).

How we chose the best restaurants in Lisbon

Each restaurant on this list was independently selected by our editors and written by Condé Nast Traveler journalists who know the destination and have dined at the restaurant. When selecting restaurants, our editors consider both high-end and affordable restaurants to provide an authentic destination experience. We are always on the lookout for outstanding cuisine, great locations and warm service – as well as serious sustainability credentials. We update this list regularly as new restaurants open and existing restaurants evolve.

1. Bar
Best Lisbon Restaurants: Impeccable Flavors

The Bairro Alto Hotel is one of the best hotels in Lisbon, and while the hotel’s restaurant may be hit or miss, BAHR is a triumph. The decor – all curved ceilings, cozy corners and oversized wood slats – is immediately welcoming, but some diners may prefer to skip the interior and instead dine on the terrace with views of the city and the Tahoe. Either way, your attention will soon be drawn to Chef Bruno Rochas’ menu, which puts a twist on classic Portuguese cuisine, including dishes such as garlic grilled squid with beans and radishes, raw beef “pica-pau,” fried tortillas with a hint of pineapple and Butter-flavored wild halibut with green kale sauce and sausage – the latter is highly recommended. For an after-dinner or pre-dinner cocktail, head to the hotel’s new 18.68 Cocktail Bar, which features an Art Deco interior and a creative drink list from head bartender Tiago Santos, inspired by the building’s history as a former fire station.

Price range: £££
Where. Uptown
Address: Praça Luís de Camões nº 2, 1200-243 Lisboa
Should I book? Yes

2. Oveliuorico
Best restaurants in Lisbon: Hanging out with the locals

Walking into O Velho Eurico almost feels like stumbling upon a local secret; until you see the queue forming and that’s it. What was once a quiet local tasca, tucked away on a corner leading to St. George’s Castle, is now packed nightly with locals and tourists eager to sample classic Portuguese dishes. There are some staples on the menu, such as bacalhau (salted cod) and polvo (octopus), but dishes are updated or changed relatively recently; on my recent visit, I particularly enjoyed pastel de leitão (suckling pig pastry) and borrego e castanhas (lamb and chestnuts). Best enjoyed with a group of friends so you can order at least one, settle in and enjoy the fun, relaxed atmosphere with the young chef and owner.

Price range: £
Where. Central, near St. George’s Castle
Address: Largo São Cristóvão nº3, 1100-179 Lisboa
Website: @ovelhoeurico on Instagram
Should I book? Yes (in advance) via the email listed on their Instagram page

3. beautiful sound
Best Restaurant in Lisbon: Special Occasions

Belcanto was recently ranked 46th on the annual list of the world’s 50 best restaurants and is the first restaurant in Lisbon to receive two Michelin stars. Chef Jose Avillez is practically a celebrity in Lisbon, so expectations are high – and Belcanto does not disappoint. The interior is chic and grand, without being stuffy. Meanwhile, the service is impeccable; the waiters are friendly but not bossy, and will share information about each dish without intruding on your evening.

Diners can choose from three tasting menus, or they can order a la carte – but the former is the real treat. The Evolution menu combines Portuguese flavors with new textures; expect plump scarlet prawns with curried apple sauce, delicate chopped calamari served in an incredibly crispy grilled chicken skin and perfectly cooked crispy suckling pig with puffed potatoes, all paired with impeccable Portuguese wines if you choose a wine pairing. If you want to splurge on one of Lisbon’s best meals, then this is the place to go.

Price range: ££££
Where. Uptown
Address: R. Serpa Pinto 10A, 1200-026 Lisboa
Should I make a reservation? Yes

4. Ofício Tasco Atípico
Best Lisbon restaurant: unique dishes

The newly reopened Ofício is a hit with locals and gets booked up weeks in advance, but it’s worth trying to snag a table to sample the creative cuisine and soak up the fun atmosphere. The menu has more “must-try” items than most in town; the Alheira sausage croquettes have a runny quail egg hidden in the center, like a Portuguese version of a Scotch egg, and are perfect, while the crispy crust and stuffed spider crab from the Algarve are not to be missed. But no meal is complete without a slice (or a whole slice, if you can manage it) of cheese tart; chef Hugo Candeias conceived of a dense, slightly sweet and completely creamy dessert during the second blockade.

Despite a full house of diners, the staff will be more than happy to talk enthusiastically about the flavours and ingredients of a dish or share wine pairing suggestions – make the most of their knowledge, use their brains They bring your plate.
Price range: £££
Where Uptown
Address: R. Nova da Trindade 11k, 1200-301 Lisboa
Website: oficio-restaurant
Should I make a reservation? Yes, in advance


5. Trinca
Best Lisbon Restaurant: Small but Perfect Menu

There’s something incredibly satisfying about wandering the streets of a new city and finding a great restaurant, and this little-known secret is one I’m more than willing to share. Tucked away on a residential street in Lisbon’s Anjos district, Trinca is a modern, small plate restaurant in a traditional building. Serving world cuisine inspired by South American, Japanese and, of course, Portuguese cuisine, diners can enjoy dishes such as shrimp marinated in sour orange sauce, tacos and Katsu sandos. The wine selection is great too, and the friendly and welcoming staff help make your stay an evening with friends, even if you’re dining alone.

Price range: £
Where. Anjos
Address: Rua dos Anjos 59C, 1150-034 Lisboa
Website: @restaurantetrinca on Instagram
Should I book? Yes, through their Instagram page

6. Scanning electron microscope
Best Lisbon Restaurants: Creative Cooking

Lisbon has no shortage of tasting menus, but few offer SEM’s creativity; dishes made specifically to prevent food waste, choosing ingredients seasonally and supporting local farmers. Jars of fermented tomatoes, peppers and artichokes line the walls alongside several bottles of natural wine and cocktail syrups, and you’ll be hooked from the moment you sit down.

Fortunately, none of the dishes disappoint; whether it’s the egg white garum crunch, which somehow manages to turn plain egg whites into something entirely new (like a cross between tempura and a very tasty crisp), or the yeast bread served with leftover yeast bread miso butter (which is fantastic) everything is memorable. While the toppings are undoubtedly exquisite and the dishes are beautifully presented, this is an extremely affordable tasting menu compared to other local offerings. Add a wine pairing and put the cherries on top.

Price range: £££
Where. Alfama
Address: R. das Escolas Gerais 120, 1100-220 Lisboa
Should I book? Yes

7. Casa Reva
Best Restaurants in Lisbon: Waterfront Dining

Is there a better restaurant setting than the waterfront? While the city has endless culinary options, there’s something special about dining to the sound of the waves, and this newly opened restaurant makes the most of and enhances the feeling of sunshine with rattan furniture, friendly staff and fresh flavors. Start with oysters (of course) and move on to sharing plates; zucchini baba-ganoush with mint and raspberries, sea bass sashimi with green apple, celery and fennel, and a summer green salad with nectarines, yellow zucchini and smoked chickpeas. Seafood rice with succulent prawns and chunks of octopus is a signature dish on the menu of chefs Dario Costa and Udi Barkan and Pedro Henrique Lima. Best of all, the restaurant is sprinkled on the beach, so you can head to the water’s edge after your meal, cocktail in hand.

Price range: ££££
Where. Costa Caparica
Address: Praia da Cabana do Pescador, 2825-491 Costa da Caparica
Should I book? Yes

8. Cervejaria Ramiro
Best Restaurant in Lisbon: Seafood

When Anthony Bourdain visited Ramiro in 2013 during the filming of his show No Reservations, he turned the local cervejaria (beer bar) into a must-visit restaurant for tourists and locals alike. Despite the name, Ramiro serves truly incredible seafood, including lobster, prawns and crab – all by the kilo (so it’s best enjoyed with a large group). Most diners skip dessert and opt for the Prego – a beef sandwich with mustard sauce – which, to this day, is the best sandwich I’ve had in Lisbon.

The restaurant occupies three floors, but you should expect to queue to get a table.

Price range: £££
Where Intentions
Address: Ave. Alm. Reis 1 H, 1150-007 Lisbon
Should I book? Yes


9. Prado
Lisbon’s best restaurants: farm-to-table cooking

Prado is Portuguese for “meadow,” and thanks to partnerships with local farmers, fishermen and wine producers, this restaurant puts a local focus on everything they serve. That means their menu is proudly 100% Portuguese and includes dishes like butternut squash with ricotta and roasted butter, fish with lobster breast and creamy omelets with white port wine and chocolate. Prior to joining Prado, Chef António Galapito worked with hometown hero Nuno Mendes, bringing a passion for versatility and diversity in food that is evident in the menu and the exquisite dishes. Ideally, you’ll want to bring along a few friends so you can sample all their samples and soak up the creative, stylish and fun atmosphere as part of the crowd – and indulge in a bottle or two with the help of the knowledgeable sommelier.

Price range: £££
Where Santos
Address: TV. Pedras Negras 2, 1100-404 Lisboa
Should I make a reservation? Yes.

10. Magnolia
Best Restaurant in Lisbon: Small Plate

Located in Praça das Flores, a quiet and lively part of Lisbon where locals eat dinner and then head to the park for a drink to end their evening, Magnolia is the kind of place that makes you stop and think about how lucky you are Lisbon and its beauty. Opened in 2022, the restaurant’s owners hail from Brazil and Belgium and bring their love of travel and world flavors to the menu. Dishes are perfect for sharing, whether it’s creamy camembert with thyme honey, tuna tartare with avocado and mango, or a more flavorful frittata, with a wide selection of local, natural wines to match.

During the day, Magnolia serves hot tomato soup and cheese toast, endless coffee and probably the best pistachio croissants you’ll ever eat. If you show up often, you might even see the owners sipping tea, sipping wine and chatting with their neighbors.

Price range: £££
Where. The Crown Prince
Address: Praça das Flores 43, 1200-192 Lisboa
Instagram: @magnolia_lisboa
Should I book? Yes